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I usually hate EDM remixes, but man that Argules remix 😙👌

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I know I'm pretty late to the sea shanty discourse but if you haven't heard this you absolutely must

Happy Sunday Mastodon!

I was putting the girl's coats on and all went well. Then, I dropped the cookie container!

US Politics 

When I saw people insisting that the DC insurrection was the work of "rioters" and "terrorists", I thought about saying something about how that's not a helpful tactic. Here's why. This will ultimately end up targeting the disenfranchised and not the white millionaires who arranged and attended the insurrection.

So yeah USPol is pretty :fire: today, remember to CW your toots

and take a break if it's getting overwhelming. You don't need to watch everything.

a better new year to everyone.
it's fucking hard, i know.

If you're not watching Christmas Eve on Sesame Street what even are you doing

Y’all my mother in law got a new puppy and omg. Her name is Poppy.

Nobody reads or will ever read my posts, making them the purest form of art

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