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Jeff Gerstmann

Gritty Kaboom reboot for touchscreen platforms

Oh man these sodas are so cold I’m a genius

I ran out of things to put in the fridge so I did my taxes. I’m never quite sure if I did them properly but no one has kicked down my door and sprayed me with mace yet so I figure I’ve done them right in the past?

I don’t want to do my taxes tonight so I’m wandering around the house looking for dumb little shit to do that’ll make me feel like I didn’t just drive home from work and immediately fall into bed.

Currently putting sodas in the fridge. Now that’s productivity.

My goal for the first night at PAX was to not stay out late and drink a lot of drinks and I really messed that one up. Missed it by a wide margin.

I just woke up, I’ve got the Vengaboys stuck in my head, and everything is going to be OK.

We had one of our bathrooms rebuilt and it came out so nice that the rest of the house looks even more fucked up than it already did.

I want to be Segata Sanshiro when I grow up.

I can't fix the garbage disposal. It is beyond me. I figured this out hours ago and moved on, but didn't want to leave anyone hanging on this important happening.

Today I will attempt to be handy and fix a clogged/jammed garbage disposal. I have about four ideas about things I can try and then I'm calling someone to come save me.

Still chipping away at all this game collection tracking business. It's inspired me to dig through my garage and the sorting/resorting combined with donating a bunch of old clothes means I have a lot more room out there now. Also found a lot of games I kinda forgot I owned?

There are still some aspects of this service's data quality that really bug me, but it's better than most. Data's hard.

Tired: this button when I first got it.

Wired: this button right now.

We went to the beach, bought like nine different kinds of flavored taffy while we were there, drove home, stopped for lunch/dinner on the way home, and made it back in time for a nice breeze to pick up.

Nice when a day actually works out and goes well for once. Fuck, did I just jinx it?

I so don't have time for it, but I keep thinking about trying to learn just enough GameMaker to knock out something real bad and amateurish.