I have a burrito and it's not great but it's good enough.

I decided to drink a coffee along with lunch and now I feel like an overstimulated heap of garbage with a slightly queasy stomach.

Not sure what it is about this time of year but this is now the second year running where a bunch of important and/or scary personal shit has come up in ways that make it impossible to feel good about leaving town and going to PAX.

I ate the food they put out at work for the monthly “stay here and have drinks instead of going home” thing and now my stomach feels bad and that’s my whole story thank you for reading

I am on all the worst mailing lists. All of them.

Sometimes the videos break and don’t publish properly and that sucks and now I’m giving it a look to see if I can fix it.

Nothing like getting to the office four minutes before a meeting you forgot you even had to ensure you’ll be slightly flustered all day.

I’ve been listening to a wider variety of music and really just more music overall since switching from Apple Music to Spotify. I’m not quite sure why yet.

I’m bad at killing bugs, but I think that’s just because I don’t have the right tools to handle them when they’re found inside the house. The number of spiders I’ve hair-sprayed to death is climbing and I think tonight’s indoor grasshopper might still be on the loose.

They should rename the anime convention to “The hope you like buying bootleg T-shirts and playing Smash Bros. on the Wii U because that’s what we’ve got Expo.”

I hope this panel I’m doing at the anime convention next week either goes really well or astoundingly poorly. Nothing in-between.

I really like the new Uffie track? Probably needs a remix at some point because the drums come in pretty late.

What if we spent all of E3 livestreaming ourselves watching Kids in the Hall instead?

I started thinking about how I manage my local music library against my streaming service library and whoops I’m suddenly ripping CDs into FLAC files I guess I’m that kind of asshole now, too.

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