being in public 

We went away and we’re staying in a hotel and I walked inside a gas station and bought something and I haven’t done any of this in ages and it’s all very terrifying also gas is five dollars a gallon what the hell has been happening out here let me go back to my hole already

today is the only time the date reads 22/2/22 in a hundred years boost this toot for good luck

spacehey is really teaching me a lot about which friend groups of mine "like to do dumb shit online" and which ones are "adults" who are "too busy for this fucking bullshit"

These new consoles are cool and some of the new games are very cool and some of them are not. A bold stance, I know.

Rock the Vote but it’s podcasters and it’s called “Hashtag (Pod)Cast the Vote.” I’m just gonna assume this already exists.

Texting with a nine-year-old relative who had some Minecraft questions (surprise: he knows way more about it than I do) and had to catch myself at the last minute and _not_ share my iOS contact photo, which has me wearing that dumb fucking hentai hat.

Big plans: gonna eat a sandwich for dinner

Watch out fuckers

Sometimes, perhaps when I’m stressed and most often just before I go to sleep,
my brain just starts picturing throwing axes spinning through the air, flying at my head? My brain then conjures up an image of me, clapping my hands to the sides of the axe to prevent it from going into my head. Then the whole thing repeats.

I am making dinner plans and they involve ramming two burritos into the microwave for two minutes and 10 seconds and then ramming them into my stupid face before they cool, burning my face, lips, and mouth.

Also chips

It's been a week of ordering cables, waiting for them to arrive, discovering they won't do the thing I need to do, ordering another cable, and so on. Tomorrow's cable will certainly do the trick, I can feel it.

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