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Jeff Gerstmann

I really like the new Uffie track? Probably needs a remix at some point because the drums come in pretty late.

What if we spent all of E3 livestreaming ourselves watching Kids in the Hall instead?

I started thinking about how I manage my local music library against my streaming service library and whoops I’m suddenly ripping CDs into FLAC files I guess I’m that kind of asshole now, too.

Going places and seeing video games is great and intensely useful but holy shit I can’t wait to get home.

more actually available (as of this posting) domains for your own private instance:

I try not to be an ROI fuckbag, but the amount of time I’ve spent setting and resetting up the VR stuff in our studio can’t possibly be worth whatever our coverage of VR has gotten us.

I like how every time I go to set it back up, a different thing is fucked up. This time it won’t see the controllers. Last time it was a sensor not syncing up.

I guess I only do it because I like covering this shit? It’s weird in a way other games are not.

Bought some SCART cables for my Saturn. This probably won’t end well.

Knucklehead I used to hang out with a lot is running for city council and is driving a car through the town’s big annual parade. His slogan invites people to honk for him, but he’s driving through a parade... past people who are on foot... and won’t be able to honk. Sounds about right.

Took me about a track and a half to understand exactly why people are talking shit about the new j cole record

Gritty Kaboom reboot for touchscreen platforms

Oh man these sodas are so cold I’m a genius

I ran out of things to put in the fridge so I did my taxes. I’m never quite sure if I did them properly but no one has kicked down my door and sprayed me with mace yet so I figure I’ve done them right in the past?

I don’t want to do my taxes tonight so I’m wandering around the house looking for dumb little shit to do that’ll make me feel like I didn’t just drive home from work and immediately fall into bed.

Currently putting sodas in the fridge. Now that’s productivity.

My goal for the first night at PAX was to not stay out late and drink a lot of drinks and I really messed that one up. Missed it by a wide margin.

I just woke up, I’ve got the Vengaboys stuck in my head, and everything is going to be OK.