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My computer broke so I fixed it. Feels good when that happens, still always go into a PC repair expecting that the first two things I try to replace won’t actually fix the problem.

Months of improper sleep has given me a whole new kind of dark energy and a real sense of what type of shit I definitely don’t have time to put up with.

Watching a lot of Baby Einstein out here, getting really smart.

Hate wearing headphones while sitting at a computer but this baby goes to sleep at 5 so now I’m wearing a brand-new-but-old pair of Star Wars The Old Republic headphones I found in a closet. Should’ve filmed an unboxing or something.

now that we have a child we have different musical needs, which is why my wife and I spent 15 minutes today talking about Kidz Bop covering Pressure Zone by Tonetta

I bought some industrial cleaner to help clean out the cabinet where a bunch of decade-old cans of pre-ban Sparks leaked everywhere but the warnings on it are so severe that I'm scared to even open the bottle.

Also I guess I'm back on this account now, I don't think is going to make it back from whatever catastrophic failure it suffered.

Rats chewed through my heating ducts and the "vapor barrier" in my home and now I'm going to have to do a ton of shit to fix all that and prevent it from happening again. Great timing, very prepared to spend a bunch of money right now.

I picked a bad day to say "hey, I should probably start looking at the internet again."

Woke up with Sum 41 stuck in my head so it’s already been an uphill battle.

A quick reminder: Don't forget to drink some water

We’re out of the hospital. No more fruit cups. I... I miss them.

Fruit cup #5: less bland melon, more bland berries. It’s not good but it has to be considered an improvement.

doing my thing. getting ready. cleanin' up. staying limber.

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