The closest we get to class solidarity is when everyone gets louder singing along to the line "work sucks, I know" in All The Small Things

Who plays Pokémon GO? Or who wants to come back? I need 3 new friends plz!! Trainer code is 8603 5991 8495, qr attached! 

If you join or return to Pokémon GO using my referral code 26TGQHWMP, you’ll instantly get 100 Poké Balls, be able to earn special bonus items, and more.

Why is the premise of so many bands "What if Iron Maiden sucked"

Is this IT but one of the Jackasses is Pennywise? Oh it's the new Scott Derrickson picture, nice, titled THE BLACK PHONE and actually the Pennywise is Ethan Hawke

Feature time BYE

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About to see Halloween Kills in an empty theater

First trailer is finally a new one, The Devil's Light

Wait. There's a new live-action Resident Evil?? The sad remix needle drop is deranged, but it looks like a faithful adaptation of the first two games????

Oh shit SCREAM 5, looks good as hell and is just called SCREAM

LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, Edgar Wright has yet to make a bad movie so I am extremely pumped for his first straightforward horror movie

Metroid 5 spoilies 

There's so much plot in this game!!

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existence of pronouns implies existence of free trial version nouns


Mortal Kombat will be 30 years old in 2022. But 2021 marks 30 years since we actually BEGAN working on the game. To celebrate, it seemed like a fun idea to share some behind-the-scenes stuff. This clip shows how we created Scorpion’s iconic (GET OVER HERE!) spear move. (1 of 9)


Why does Jackie Chan have to receive essentially an honorary Oscar? Why not see, in the 70s and 80s, that his style of complex action sequence would become commonplace, and change to accommodate an emerging style?

And even before that, movies had dancing a hundred fuckin years ago!! It just seems crazy that they wouldn't have a category for this stuff!

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The Academy will recognize that a terrible movie like Suicide Squad had some pretty skilled hair and makeup people working on it, so why not a movie like, say, Silent Hill, which is middling-to-bad but has FANTASTIC performances from the contortionists and dancers who played all the monsters?

Or a movie like John Wick, which excels at creating these long tapestries of movement and action while remaining coherent. A huge feat, but one which The Academy does not have a category to recognize.

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If the acting awards are only going to go to a certain type of acting anyway, why not create a category for an unrecognized but also very challenging style of performance that has been a key component of movies since we started making them?

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My strongest opinion about awards shows is that the Oscars should have three categories for stunt and dance

Outstanding Individual Movement Performance
Outstanding Ensemble Movement Performance
Outstanding Movement Choreography

The people who destroy their bodies for our entertainment have never been recognized by the Academy in any major capacity, plus this would be a perfect category for motion capture performances like Andy Serkis always rules at, or costumed performances like Doug Jones

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