I think thanks to my childhood, I have read more books by R.L. Stine than any other author

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Netflix's Fear Street trilogy fuckin rips. Great movies, awesome lil story. Perfectly captured the tone of the book series, while updating it for a modem audience and jacking the rating all the way up to R.

All cops are bastards and that includes Mister Police from The Snowman

Dana from The Cabin in the Woods is on the show EVIL and I only just noticed despite this being her fourth appearance. She's blonde and tall now. Or Katja Herbers is very tiny.


My mental health instantly improved tenfold upon getting my dick sucked like 4 times in the course of a week

Taylor Swift will never admit it but Betty is a fucking GAY song about being a HOMOSEXUAL WOMAN who is IN LOVE with another WOMAN, this is the hill I choose to die on

Deadpool is already in the MCU at least as much as Venom

Something about Premise Beach being the beach that makes you old, I dunno

Woke up today feeling like I went to the beach that makes you old

Weird hearing Patton Oswalt on Jordan Jesse Go! right alongside his soundalike Jordan Morris

One, two, three four five
Everybody on the beach let's get old and die

GNU should call it Photo and Image Software Solution. hope this helps

I missed most of the trailers cuz this was very last minute, but Candyman still looks great and I got a Halloween Kills teaser

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And all that glitters is gold
Going to the beach that makes you old

You look like somebody, but not now; you look like her back then

I'm laying in my hammock, in view of the East River, listening to an ABBA cover band, just transforming into pure chill energy

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