So after this morning’s meeting, we have decided to go with a 6 layer PCB for the second pass of the board. Putting 10 lbs of stuff in a 1lb bag is pushing the limits of physics and compromising ground layers. Sad, but it has to be done.

don't say I didn't warn you 

Building the most minimalist buildroot I can for an RPI3+ to test a theory.

@emlyn agreed. The write once run everywhere strategy, in the effort to be platform neutral, is and always be a bad decision. But when managers tell people that Javascript is as efficient as native, they are either clueless, incompetent, or nefarious. I, still to this day, wonder how one can say an interpretive language is much better than a compiled language and keep a straight face. 35+ years in computer architecture and compilers leads me to just shake my head.

@schwa thank you for the morning laugh. I nearly spewed my coffee

@emlyn Electron is a scourge in the guise of sanctity

@emlyn I use the website in a Fluid container. Better than whalebird. Not native of course.

@mathowie When I am at our place on the Oregon coast, I am always on the beach at night. Usually with wine 🤣

@mathowie well, it takes strain off the torque converter, but not needed. They might have learned on a manual, and if you are at a long light, you would put it in neutral to save wear and tear on the throw-out bearing (which would happen if you held the clutch to the floor at a long light for a few years).

So it might just be they transferred that habit to the automatic.

Just speculating

@Cdespinosa that's sad. We have one 6 miles from us here in Oregon, and love it.

In 1985, I had the privilege to be the project engineer on this machine. It had a VAX 11/780 class CPU chip, 25MB MFM drive, and the monitor resolution was 1024x864. We also wrote a windowing system and presentation layer called UIS (User Interface Services). This was our third machine (VAXStation I and VAXStation II were the 2 previous), and we got a VAX into a shoebox. This sold really well, got me a great promotion, and the eye of the CEO. I became one of his goto engineers. Good times.

If you're in the Portland, Oregon area and want to migrate off of please DM me for an invite to

boops appreicated

@emlyn Yes, I was one of their beta testers and a thumbs up when we hired Jamin at our former place of employment ;)

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