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My cat’s been poking at me since 4 AM so I might as well use this time for mastodon

Hi! I’m Jeffrey. I’m a PhD student in digital studies. I research things like:

- planetary-scale computation
- media archaeology
- infrastructure
- speculation
- environmental humanities
- network politics
- computing security
- care & repair
- weird theory

But I’m more than work! I also like:

- techno-tinkering
- cooking as weird science
- left-of-left politics
- but have I mentioned my cat?

did some dissertation brainstorming this evening and now looking at a non-zero chance that completing my PhD in English is going to involve learning at least a sprinkling of differential equations

why did no one stop me from this career path

this is a pretty regular occurrence in my house at this point

I’ve been riding high all day on a minor victory I won over my landlord so I decided to celebrate by watching the 1994 classic SPEED

holy shit y’all SPEED is a shockingly good movie

me (listening to jonny greenwood's magisterial score for 'phantom thread'): please speak up, i'm struggling to hear you over the sound of jonny greenwood's magisterial score for 'phantom thread'

(yes that's two separate copies of War and Peace behind her, my partner needed one to take on the metro lol)

“Anything can happen for some weird reason; yet also, without any reason, nothing at all can happen.” Negarestani in Cyclonopedia channeling Meillassoux’s speculative materialism.

and now this afternoon I come to the by-far weirdest book on my exam list: Reza Negarestani's CYCLONOPEDIA.

I've started and stopped it a number of times before and now I'm excited to sit back and let the eldritch mathematics wash over me lol

A fun thing to do is have to book conference travel for the fall semester during the summer—when you're not actually getting paid.

quals stress dreams getting increasing abstract: in this one I had to speedrun Breath of the Wild at the conclusion of the exam

My cat has figured out so many creative ways to thwart my best attempts to stop her from climbing on top of the piano and grooming the blinds that I have given up and resigned myself to having the cleanest blinds on the block.

strong endorse: The Handmaiden, which is a supmtuously sexy 1920’s Korean Thelma & Louise, and twists and turns in ways that I couldn’t keep up with.

(Also, a v. satisfying bisexual movie b/c everyone in it is hot as hell lol)

years of inputting hundred-digit Gameshark codes have trained me for the ultimate challenge: inputting a forty-character auto-generated Amazon passcode blind into the Roku TV

a taste of home, thanks to my friend who spent the summer in New England

Making macaroni and cheese tonight and lifechanging (at least for me) PSA: you can food process cheese!

For now, I scarcely have the philosophical faculty to say one way or the other whether I *agree* with Meillassoux's argument (I certainly am skeptical of its political ramifications re: a theory of change)—but it's still fun to read things waaaaaaaay out of one's wheelhouse.

now we're getting to the good shit (Meillassoux's After Finitude)

i'm always self-conscious about hogging the TV for games so the switch has been a godsend for me. i don't even care about taking it out of the house—just let me play for ten minutes at a time!

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