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Jelle Z.

3 days and a weekend of torture to go...
...until the soul shall once more return to the body and I finally have a life again.

Atari has already announced the pre-order date: December 14th, 2017.

@Blaveloper just realised I might have missed your birthday. Anyhow, happy birthday! 🎉

Project DNA is a mobile app which will be publicly available in 2018. It will be launched for Android users and iOS developers. Let’s say that the main features of the app will be to allow users to get notified about certain news and bringing people which happen to have a certain interest in games published mainly by a certain company into contact with each other using a forum and direct messaging.

Sorry that I’m so vague, I just want to surprise you all with an upcoming reveal event. ^-^

I know what you’re thinking: “Lol, his internet doesn’t work!”. Well, no, you’re wrong. Of course that zero stands for unlimited internet speed!

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@jelle619 I am not ending development of Amaroq, I’m just acknowledging that I don’t have the time to fix this issue at the moment, and want to steer those who are experiencing these issues in other directions in the meantime 😅

Wait... logging in using a v2 instance doesn’t with work with Amaroq? Damn... That means I will not reset my phone for the foreseeable future I guess.

Are you still developing the app? @eurasierboy

I actually like this iOS 11 glitch. That little screenshot preview thingy is on the right instead of the left and the default wallpaper looks kind of awesome this way.

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Today marks the first anniversary of ! 🎂

What's your favorite Mastodon memory so far? 🐘 Share them with the hashtag !

Does anyone know which set of Emoji Mastodon is using?


Any chance of an auto translate/one tap translate (somewhat like Twitter does it) feature coming to Amaroq? I think something like that would be a huge improvement over the translation capabilities Amaroq currently has at the moment.

Other than that, Amaroq is by far the best Mastodon app in my opinion, and without Amaroq I probably wouldn’t be using Mastodon as much, so thank you. If you need any help translating stuff for any new updates, just ask me.

According to my sources, Nintendo is planning to add more countries to the Creators Program.


Apparently, Microsoft used to care about your privacy in Windows XP.