a little preview of something heading out to @gifwrapped@twitter.com beta testers this week.


if you do what you love… you'll still find yourself working, because it turns out there's a lot involved in building a career out of your interests, and not all of it is fun (but some is!).


my todo list is very long this week… and vaguely daunting. it’s capped by something really exciting on friday, though… so i’ll just power on through!

it has been a stressful—but productive—day, and i just want to restart this level please.

@gifwrapped@twitter.com if i can pull off this sort of progress for a few more weeks, i might actually make my deadline this time around.

this week, @gifwrapped@twitter.com’s icloud support went from “there’s no way i’ll ship this… there’s so much work to do” to “hot damn, this might be better than dropbox”

first up: giant days! this comic is brilliant, funny, and utterly makes my day any time i get a new issue to read. thank you, @badmachinery@twitter.com, @max_sarin@twitter.com and crew for this utterly wonderful series… i love it so much.

so look, i'm not typically the sort of person to create fan art of things… but this year, i wanted to show my love and appreciation for a bunch of creators and the stuff i love with a series of illustrations i've been working on.

“i think i might get out of my night-time pyjamas, and put on my day-time pyjamas” — @melissasavage@twitter.com, 2018.

playing some turf war in splatoon 2, cause that’s a thing i can do now.

this week’s episode of @independcast@twitter.com has us talking about our freemium business models, and how we advertise our IAPs (for better or worse). independence.fm/42

down to just one hit point, but i’m sure @imyke@twitter.com and @tiffanyarment@twitter.com will make it through this commissioned @playingforfunfm@twitter.com illustration!

finished my woodworking project an posted a photo to instagram, because if you don’t post photos, did it even happen? instagram.com/p/BrRD5Z6hwUb/

…and if you think it won’t affect you because you’re outside australia? if your data passes though here at all—like if you’re sending imessages to aussie pals—anyone with access to that government-mandated backdoor will be able to see it.

if you don’t know what the is, it’s basically the australian government hurriedly applying their proven track record of IT incompetence to encryption, rendering any concept of digital privacy and security a complete joke.

things to do… things to _not_ do… there’s lots that indies can take from startups.


*spends $80 on a new orbital sander*

*uses it to sharpen pencils*

me: i need to do this task… except maybe if i do this, i can avoid it?

also me: no, i definitely need to do that task. or maybe…?

also also me: nope, i absolutely definitely need to do that task.

<insert procrastination here>

me: oh, doing that task wasn’t so bad.

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