me: AC!
siri: boop boop

(apparently when i talk about air conditioning, siri thinks i’m talking to her)

it doesn’t take much to be captured by the charm of a love of almost any movie or tv show, and a healthy enjoyment of food. my wife and i have both of these in droves, so thank you, andrew, for making something we’re able to enjoy together.

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apple store: we’ve installed the latest version of macOS on your new SSD.

macbook pro: *boots into high sierra*


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3 attempts to get less than 3 day turnaround on a keyboard repair at 2 different stores (in as many countries).

9 days (and an additional logic board replacement later) and i finally have my 2018 MBP back.

apparently i go to a dark place when i get rejected on the day i have to do an topic.


don’t have my MBP back yet. they fixed the keyboard but seem to have broken the logic board.

started moving all my stuff out of dropbox. now i’m just keeping it in an old biscuit tin under my bed.

levelled up my pin game during WWDC this year. i feel like i got a solid collection going now.

thanks for a great WWDC, everyone. it’s been a real treat to hang with you all this year, and i hope to be able to do it again real soon 💚

tried building gifwrapped for catalina while waiting for my flight.

there is apparently a bunch more work required than just checking a box.

i got to have a today (just for a few minutes), only further cementing my desperate desire to own one for real.

thanks for letting me have a go,!

if you’ve managed to avoid a pin so far, i’ll be hanging out in the marriott foyer for a while. come, chat, relieve me of merch.

the absolutely wonderful is ostensibly a children's show, but my wife and i are constantly subtweeted by it… and love it ever so much. thank you (and team!) for this show. it is a treasure, and very close to our hearts.

p.s. if you’re around today,, i’d love to catch up proper

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i got to have at last night’s event.

there’s lots of new stuff at WWDC this year, but on this week’s, we talk about how you might want to spend a little time thinking about it before you dive into new features.

come to WWDC in the next ten minutes if you want an ass kicking (or a pin)

i need a place to get coffee in san jose that won’t cause me to die a little on the inside.

any suggestions?

TFW you release three updates, including a major one, in the span of two weeks.


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