Scenes from the village. An man using his snow thrower (correct term??)

And an elderly woman shoveling snow

Three women, one man and three dogs out walking, a car passing by. Yet another Sunday walk.

Todays theme: Alive. One thing that makes me feel alive, and “in tune with the world” is when I’m out hunting (which doesn’t happen that often).

Todays theme: Still. I never got the chance to go out and take some photos today so here is photo from an early morning in Arvidsjaur

Todays theme: Compassion.

I found this one day walking in a forest close to Umeå. Apparently someone had compassion to the dead bird and covered it with flowers.

Todays theme: make.

These machines can be a source of great joy and be really useful (I don’t own one, I’m not much into engines etc … despite officially having a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering - long story). But they also make a lot of noice …

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