And the screenshot that was supposed to be posted with the previous post

Today: 3h 23m if the sun being above the horizon

Does anyone have som suggestions for good photo, history and tech podcasts? I’m getting a bit tired of hearing the same voices on several different podcasts

If I could understand why I bother with other programs than @bbedit. I’m pretty sure that I could manage 75% of my computer activity (except the photos) by using only BBEdit.

What a difference 5 years can make. During one of the training camps in 2013 I took this photo of the “youth section” of the camp. Notice the three boys in the background.

On Saturday, 5 years and 1 month after taking the first photo I took this one. This is a few minutes after they ...

It looks like Santa’s little helpers lost something Friday night

It looks like one of Santa’s little helpers lost something Friday night

Uppsala is no fun an early rainy December day

Sometimes life slowly passes by, sometimes things happen much faster

The view from today’s classroom was pretty nice

I’m getting really frustrated with writing the simplest Siri Shortcuts, it’s so … 😡

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