One thing I would like to do is to go to a conference, not to present a paper or anything like that. Instead I want photograph/document the whole conference. It would be really fun & interesting.

Hmmm, this is kind of disturbing. Right now I really want to go a conference with the task of documenting it photographically …

Do I really want to buy speakers/headphones which comes with an app and an agreement that it’s OK for the company to get info to what I listen, when I listen, where I listen so that they can “communicate” this to their “partners”?

I swear, I didn’t lose my AirPods last week so I could order the new model now

Just another test of sunlit, this time with one photo from my photo library and one from Flickr.

Another picture from this morning. This is the snow that fell in 36 hours (most of it in during the 6 hours I slept), this is an unusually amount in 6 hours for being Umeå. The snow fall is usually “slower” and it takes a couple of days to build up this much.

Some people say that fell ...

Cat picture … just to try out the new version of sunlit … I think I found a bug


I never thought I would fill up a 32GB memory card in one session … well, it has happened.

I just received a inspection copy for user experience textbook … and suddenly I long for the days when I was teaching those kind of things.

The best movies for kids? “Emil i Lönneberga” - the original versions from the 1970s … so good.

Today’s silly thing, movie posters for a movie called “Glass” complete with pictures of broken glass. Why silly? Well, that they don’t translate the title - especially when “glass” means “ice cream” in Swedish. All they needed to was to remove 1 s (swed “glas” = eng. “glass”). So now we...

Traveling home by night train, was expecting to be at work (very close to the train station) before 6:30. Right now I’m wondering if I will make to lunch, we are about 4.5 h after schedule right now.

One sign of how little cash is used nowadays is that I don’t really recognize Swedish bills and coins 🤷🏻‍♂️

🤦🏻‍♂️ = min åsikt om de som går ut i en öppen kort läderjacka, korta tajta byxor som slutar 1 dm från skorna, ingen mössa, inga handskar när det är -25 ute … och klagar på att det är så kallt

On my way to work. I had to leave my car for service at 7:00 so it was a quick 4km walk to work. Grateful that the storm yesterday had calmed down

Dusting off my Lumix GM-5 as a replacement for my iPhone camera …

Some 28 years ago I made a quick visit to the monastery of Melk and saw a walnut tree for the first time in my life. Yesterday I looked at the monastery in the map app and I see a large tree where I think we parked the car. I like to think that it’s the walnut tree I see.

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