I've been working on more crystal studies lately and this one ended up sort of elaborate. :P

I can't decide if this is finished or not. Not sure about the brightness and contrast either. AAAAH.

Just updated my profile some and opted in to the directory. Should be easier to find me now. ^_^

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Pixel art fans and game nerds! If you have an Instagram account, you should be following oktotally

He's basically great and doing a cool storytelling experiment with his art that I want everyone to see because he's kind of great.

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Pulled nearly every muscle in the back of my body fixing a non-draining dishwasher but in the end was victorious. Hope @myrranth will tolerate me not loading/unloading it for a couple days while I recoup. :breathe:

Slowly getting set up. I'm on mastodon.art too (also as jencodex) and can't decide which instance to focus on. Might use .art for work and this for general goofing off?

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I wish you could edit the thumbnails but here is my animated triptych about the stages of grief. It's been selected for my school's undergrad exhibition πŸ’– hope it looks ok on here

#animation #gif #animatedgif #originalart #art #mastoart #illustration

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