I love when my cats smile at me. They "smize." Learning to read Cat is one of the most beneficial life skills you can develop

@jennatar I went to visit a friend over the holiday and they had a maine coon and I didn't have much of an allergic reaction - maybe I can finally own a cat? I think I'd make a good cat

@jennatar I adopted my first cat six months ago, and I've learned so much of her body language since then. I honestly didn't expect to be able to communicate that much with her.

@rob_haines This makes me so happy to hear! It's a process, obviously, since every cat is so different. But they don't exactly hide their feelings, either! A happy, loyal cat is a wonderful roommate and pal.

I actually didn't like my husband's cats very much at first (!!) because they were destructive. So I ended up reading everything I could about cat behavior. Now I have de-stressed, communicative cats that I both understand and deeply, deeply love, and I feel that it's reciprocated.

@jennatar I was never a cat person, so I wasn't at all sure how much we'd bond (especially since she'd come from a home with a lot of issues), but she's a sweetie who wakes us up purring every morning and wants to be in our company as much as possible. Preferably on our laps.

In short, I'm full-on unrepentent cat-dad at this point :D

@rob_haines A recent study proved cats prefer human company to EATING. "Loners," they are not.

I've noticed that our cats are obnoxiously affectionate in the morning when they want to be fed -- but, also? Once they're done eating, they come find me, cuddly and purring. I love that they're appreciative, I love that they're demonstrative and emotionally generous, and I love that they communicate their boundaries. Cats are AMAZING communicators! They constantly blow my mind, tbh.

@jennatar We've noticed that ourselves. When Cassie gets up in the morning, she purrs and hassles us because she wants us up and about with her. She shows no interest in her food until feeding time (which she knows to the exact minute, usually because she'll sit quietly until exactly 8:45 when she'll jump on my keyboard to stop me writing).

@jennatar Humans are born able to understand Dog "language". As constant companions they are the animal we've always been closest to.
I think cats are more movement based in their communication.
So I can read cat, but talk dog.

@MickeyThreeShoes Well yes! Dogs listen (haha, mostly), but cats talk. (Through movement, too, yes—but isn't it wild that "meowing" is a type of communication reserved only for human recipients?? And they really expect us to understand it!)

Meanwhile, my dog has a terrific vocabulary for a human baby. She's such a little smartie.

@jennatar But cats will never fall for the "I'll pretend I've thrown the stick, but hide it behind my back trick".
They combine street-smarts with apathy and intelligence.

@MickeyThreeShoes Oh yes they do fall for it! Clearly you have never met my sweet, dopey, doglike cat. (She plays fetch.)

Truly, every cat is different! Ours are very not-aloof. They scarily maintain eye contact, and if you aloofly look away ("like a cat"), they will stalk off, insulted. I don't know where they picked up this human ideal of manners, but it's so contrary to all of the cat literature I've read! Cats play by no man's rules

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