My pet peeve—and I think it's from working in retail—is when someone *keeps* handing me a thing when my hands are already obviously full

My husband is the worst offender. He will just stand there with the item-to-be-taken outstretched, and it doesn't matter what I'm doing, he will just stand there pushing an item toward me, "here, here"

I'm tooting about this because I keep trying to google my pet peeve, and I CAN'T FIND IT ONLINE.

You can google "I hate when people's teeth scrape on forks" but you can't google "stop handing me things"?!?!

@jennatar it’s a thing in the movies! Usually Happy or Pepper take stuff on his behalf.

@jennatar why do people do this, i wish i knew what to call this behaviour so i could condemn it

@jennatar I am getting anxious just thinking about the next time this will happen

@jennatar i mean we're like word people right? maybe we should come up with something

@jennatar I think it comes from the you-touched-it-last responsibility impulse wherein the handoffer is absolved of responsibility only when the item is received by the handofee

@pagrus yeah, there's an awful urgency when you're doing something and someone's flapping money at you. I don't like being timed—I won't even play real-time strategies. It communicates "huuuurry" and I get frantic.

While in retail I got a lot more mindful of not doing it to others, though! I'd start to reach out with change, then pull back, wait, and smile expectantly until the customer was done fumbling. Great training!!

@jennatar oh, money is another thing altogether. the flingers, the put-downers-when-i-have-my-hand-outers, the sweaty-fisters.

i don't love the credit card ubiquity but it is nice that you don't have to touch other people's sweaty sock bills

@jennatar mainly it's the situation where I clearly have a dozen half gallons of milk or two adult halibut in my hands and you want to hand me a...


@jennatar i also get flustered easily so no quicktime events for me either

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