@seonghwa Hi, is that true that we can’t see other toots beside to the one whic we follow each other?

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No, we can still see it. (except it's for private domain, i guess, but everything that in public domain is free to see)

@seonghwa Hm my boyfriend have 5 tots but I only can see 3 tots though on his acc. 😰


Oh, wait. Let me check it first, ok? Because I'm not sure.

@jennierubyjane Hey, how about see the "Toots and Replies" tabs on his profile?

@seonghwa I’m using Tootle for Mastodon and no toots and replies there...


Ah sorry, I'm not using any phone app atm. But, I saw your boyfriend's profile and checked the "Toots and Replies" ... there's 6 toots in total (and yeah it's your interaction with him!).

@seonghwa Sadly we can’t get any notif right if we choose to online on Web?


What kind of notification that you meant? My notification tab looks like this atm.


Ah, the sound ... It has sound like a little 'pop' here.


Additional, the one we followed will appear in the timeline. But if you want to see the other's tweet, you can go to "Local" or "Federated" feature, or click someone's profile

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