@jeremiah_ has said that they contribute code upstream. I haven't seen it so I can't speak to the accuracy but there is that. My only problem with the whole thing is that they haven't given credit to the apps they've forked or the backends they'll be using. To address that point, however, @brandon just said that they're working on a blog post to sort it all out 👇

On one hand, I can see this being very good for FLOSS, privacy, security, etc. but I can also see it being very bad if they don't make it clear enough that users have a choice. I can see users thinking that Purism is the only company offering these services when, in reality, there are hundreds of organisations and people who offer the same products for free. Granted, they wouldn't be run by an actual organisation but the choice is what matters imo.

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@amolith @sir@cmpwn.com @brandon @switchingsocial@mastodon.at @jwinnie @noorul @Purism Purism commits actively to GNOME, Linux, coreboot, heads, as well as sponsoring various organizations and events around Free Software, like the FSF. We're also very interested in Wireguard. I personally have been testing Wireguard without much success at the moment but that may be PEBKAC and not the fault of Wireguard.

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Yeah, not contributing code upstream is terribly unfair to them. They're literally building an entirely responsive interface for #GNOME that could make the #Linux desktop much more viable on tablets, where Linux currently has almost no presence, even when I include #Android, which I shouldn't.


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