I published #Fedilab 2.20.0 🎉

What's new:

- Support for #Pixelfed with a dedicated layout.

- In-app features:
* Scheduled posts, drafts, scheduled boosts, remember position, bookmarks, timed mute, import/export blocked domains.

Excited to announce that PureOS is going to now have a stable and a rolling release.


Hej Världen!

Nu finns det en ny Mastodon-instans för talare av #svenska och andra nordiska språk: fikaverse.club

#Sverige #Skandinavien

Reminder that the CA system was designed in the mid 1990s "in a series of 4AM decisions" and is really not all that good.

For example, in your s2s XMPP communications do you really want the Chinese government as a trusted third party? It's probably bundled in there by default.

#Announcement: check out #ConfTube, a #PeerTube instance dedicated to conference and community events videos.


If you are a conference organizer or speaker, feel free to contact me to get an account.

in Swedish 

If you're a gamer; "itch.io is a simple way to find and share indie games online for free"

What do you use as your daily driver?
(Boosts appreciated)

@Gargron That's not fair. Take a look at the American Civil Liberties Union or the EFF.

We are a diverse community of people from all over Europe and beyond, who are committed to Free Software. If you feel likewise, join us in our work for freedom. There are many ways to engage:



gmail rejects some random subset of email from servers that don't have IPv6 reverse dns set..

so if your hosting provider happens to enable ipv6 autoconfig one happy day, everything breaks with no warning

#google #morons

@e8johan @rgggn @rgggn Great work being done in the fikaverse! Mer kannelbullar tack.

Reminder for instance admins 

@mardy Russia had a reputation of being more equal between the sexes in the Soviet days. I don't know what its like today but I can't imagine a woman being President. In fact, I can't imagine anyone other than Putin being President.

@mardy Well isn't feminism only partly about work and mostly about the equality of females in every aspect of society? It strikes me that Russia is very authoritarian and patriarchal. An example might be the rise of the Orthodox Church in public life and politics in the last two decades.

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