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Only a few sections to finish and I can release the new website! ๐Ÿ˜

I disagree with Purism's hands-off moderation approach and I have urged them to re-consider their stance.

The @gnome and KDE communities are looking for locations for the Linux App Summit (LAS) 2019, an event that wants to help the Linux application ecosystem flourish.

Interested in GTK 4 development? Check out the latest blog entry from Matthias Clasen detailing what's new in GTK 3.96.0 (GTK 4 development branch). There's lots to be excited about!

GNOME is pleased to work with @kde on Linux App Summit - let's build an application eco-system together! #Linuxapps #Linux

Librem 5 hardware update report for May 8th!

Including: Display drivers accepted upstream, Mesa, SMS, and compositor work.

A doctor at my annual appointment: "Ever since you told me about medical software safety last year, I see articles about how bad things are on a regular basis! I don't know how I managed to be oblivious to this before talking to you." #AlwaysAGoodTimeToTalkAboutSoftwareFreedom

Hey y'all, I was recently let go from Purism and I'm looking for work. If you're looking for marketing, FOSS leadership, community building let me know. I have a host of secondary skill sets as well. Would love the opportunity to make your organization successful.

Look, I tried. Not my fault it looks that that image of Charlie Day trying to explain something

Speaking of , @codesections is working on a high-performance streaming API server for Mastodon as a drop-in replacement for the Node.js version we currently have, written in Rust, so look forward to that

We've published a blog post with all of the details of this morning's security bug in Librem Chat and our response.

[PSA] We have pushed a new experiment and also removed Recaptcha from pixelfed. If you encounter errors during updating, run the following commands:

rm -rf bootstrap/cache/*
composer dump-autoload
php artisan config:cache
php artisan route:cache

#pixelfed #pixeldev #pixelfedLabs
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