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jeremy kleiman

I have decided to get into Go (board game (already into the language)))

I got one word for ya kid -- botnets

this same kid is trying to run a kali vm inside a windows vm inside windows

haven't tooted today because I'm actually being productive at work thank you

I wasn't in the scene for previous iterations of FOSS social media but how does the press it's getting compare to the press around older projects?

The green check marks DO mean verified but you have to put it there yourself.

my instance is going to be

please tell me this is some defensive programming I don't know about

omg so my friend in uni got put with a really incapable partner...this guy declared a variable of type void to hold the return value of a void function...

wow mastodon censors out your private key if you post it. that's really smart


mastadon't: use lingo from proprietary social media services
mastado: awoo

what if every user ran their own instance and we had some sort of central meta instance for them to all connect, maybe supported by ads and VC?

pretty something in his preworkout stack made me more flexible so that was weird

my powerlifting friend gave me some preworkout with DMAA in it yesterday. I definitely felt good but had a horrible headache this morning

excited to announce my next project: a FOSS spotify clone. already in talks with all the major labels

did yesterday mark the beginning of mastadon's eternal september?

Can we call the "Mastodo's and Mastodont's" please?