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jeremy kleiman @jeremykleiman

I got one word for ya kid -- botnets

this same kid is trying to run a kali vm inside a windows vm inside windows

@clarkenciel cool I have been trying to get a copy of that book but someone has it check out. do you find it readable?

haven't tooted today because I'm actually being productive at work thank you

@JamesF the other stories I have heard suggest no, but he's a few years into a CS program...

@slipstream stackoverflow says GCC *could* consider it an error. this kids code didn't compile but my friend didn't tell me if this came up as an error or not. it's just....amazing

I wasn't in the scene for previous iterations of FOSS social media but how does the press it's getting compare to the press around older projects?

The green check marks DO mean verified but you have to put it there yourself.

my instance is going to be

@AntoineRossel i believe the fact that they are running their own instance means @Gargron is not responsible and doesn't need options

please tell me this is some defensive programming I don't know about

omg so my friend in uni got put with a really incapable partner...this guy declared a variable of type void to hold the return value of a void function...

@Pvineetha those people just put a checkmark character in their display name. afaik there isn't a way to edit your username

wow mastodon censors out your private key if you post it. that's really smart


@Gar they're called hot toots here, thanks

@anshou merge request incoming for my OPTIMIZED TIMELINE algorithm

@chr how much flair do I need to unlock the POOT! button?