I think I am going to close down this account. I don’t use it very often and it’s been months since even getting a mention.

uspol, conspiracy theories 

I've been learning a little bit about what the QAnon conspiracies are all about and holy shit. It includes virtually every other conspiracy theory I've ever heard of. It's terrifying and incredible in its size and scope. And it's being run like an ARG, with all the attractive elements of that. It's unbelievably dangerous, and it seems far too popular.

I totally bet my dad believes this shit these days.

if i'm your Trans Friend, i'm not actually your friend

the dark crystal 

I’m watching the dark crystal TV show. I keep thinking about how trans gelflings would work. Since girl gelflings are born with wings and boy gelflings aren’t.

I’m imagining me as a gelfling that has built their own wings.

Mostly because I know I can’t do anything about it anytime soon and it just hurts, multiple ways.

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Ooooomph I wasn’t thinking straight when I ordered this... put on a a new garment I like ...but it hurts to wear in my netherparts and it’s sent me in a spiral this morning ffs

gender hot take 

none of the following statements are categorically true:

- being transgender is a choice

- being transgender is not a choice

- your gender is flexible and will change over time

- you were always X gender, you just didn't know it yet

one or more of these statements may apply to you. if you interpret that as being the "correct" one, and apply it to others, you are incorrect.

Anyone out there know of of a good "Trans 101 video" to give to coworkers to watch?

trans journey hurdles 

I really don’t know where I’m going these days. I’m starved for touch and friendships. I guess someday this will pass but I fear I will end up walled up as I was before.

Mastodon is *the* place to meet trans lesbian programmer communist furries 😃

wife: wow sometimes it feels like you are a teenager
me: I’ve been literally telling you that HRT is like going through a second puberty
wife: oh you were serious? I thought you just got sore breasts.
me: also that other thing
wife: riiiiight
me: *dies*

Adam Savage:
- Practical
- Hates TERFs
- On record as being "definitely" a lionfur "if" he were a furry, we all know what that means.
- Could build a fursuit that would put us all to shame

Joanne "Krappy" Rowling:
- Wrote a jillion books about wizards but cannot cast a "Terfthoughts Begone" spell which any Hogwarts first-year knows within a week of arrival
- TERFy, racist, classist, just awful
- Has visible stink lines coming off her thoughts at all times.
- Class traitor
- smh not even furry

I just realized the most feminine thing I’ve done in social media is put “Making it work” in my bio

Because, not being flippant here, yeah you gotta make it work, I understand that now.

Retconning SifakaMon as a secret clue

Sif / the legendary warrior
aka / also know as
Mon / a man

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Listening to Save Me by Aimee Mann
I feel like I’m still not on the other side of this
Who is she talking to
Surely they are available by now
To save me from the ranks of
The freaks who suspect they could never love anyone

I grow weary of relating to people who still see me as male.

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