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Woke up with surprisingly harsh dysphoria
Suddenly while browsing eShakti I just started crying
I’ll never be right

@jericmason I’m not sure why my cis friends keep recommending I watch TV shows about trans people. I’ve done woodworking too, why didn’t they recommend The New Yankee Woodshop when they saw I bought a table saw? Anyway I usually toss a few suggestions back at them but they are somewhat obscure.

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trans dysphoria 

Someone posted a picture of their friends on Facebook today, someone in this picture looks so much like what I imagine I might look if I had transitioned when I was a kid, though she has brown eyes. She looks more like me than my aunts, about as close as my cousin. Earlier in the day a dear friend of mine was chatting about a trans tv show where someone transitioned before puberty that I should watch (no) and the combination of these events has me in a very sad mood.

@jericmason like Fernwey but instead of the place you want to be it’s the relationships and identity you have missed your entire life

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Is there a German word for being horny but in pain because your junk is wrong?

I think my brain split apart when I complimented a goth femme post with girl you so goth meaning "girl" in the same way I might say "man that's great" ie the girl part wasn't actually describing them but femme in general and I give up

I forgot I had two mastodon accounts

for back when I thought something was not going to be public

even though it quite obviously had to be

Apparently I was designing matching custom decals for our bikes at one point.

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Found some old sketchpads where I used to do things like draw illuminated versions of my high school crush's name.

I can't do twitter anymore
too many goddamn triggering things


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