@fraying I agree with so much of this, but I ultimately couldn't pull the plug. I could replace Twitter as my newspaper - I got all set up to do that - but the supportive group of online friends I have there is so valuable to me for my own mental health that I couldn't leave it behind. SO conflicted: I hate supporting a platform that courts Nazis, and screws 3rd-party developers, but ...

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@jeridansky @fraying Right, same here.

I did set up a new instance specifically designed to be a safe place for my Twitter friends to come over but none of them have really gotten to the point of taking me up on it.


@jeridansky I totally feel you. I’m already mourning the loss of the support network I built there. I figure, if I bottom out, I can revive the account in the next 30 days. But I’m going to give it at least two weeks to see how it feels.

@jeridansky it’s a very personal balance, and I don’t judge anyone for where they draw the line.


@jeridansky @fraying That's why I've been making it as easy as possible for my network to follow me here. Feel free to reference this thread if it's helpful with anyone:

❤️ I am glad you're both here!

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