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jeroen smeets

Mozart’s Diary Where He Composed His Final Masterpieces Is Now Digitized and Available Online

hello fedifriends! 🐘💖

if any of you work in the video/film production industry, i'd love to hear from you :) i'm thinking about getting into that field.

how did you learn the skills & get your first industry job? what do you like & dislike about it? what advice would you give a newbie?

you can just reply, DM me, or even DM me for my email if you'd prefer to communicate that way.

thanks so much 💞💞

Today, while working, I had on YouTube autoplay. When it gave me this video, it turned my day around. This recording of Erbarme Dich, is unbelievably beautiful.

I wander between the bird site, mastodon and being where I am, i.e. offline.

Can't find an equilibrium.

And that's fine for now.

After choir practice tonight, I stopped by the grave of my daughter. Her rose, reduced to brown twigs from winter only last week, is full of small spring green leaves.

Finding an equilibrium, perhaps.

* equilibrium -- (from the latin "equus librorum") bookstore for horses.

A bit rude, I forgot to share this on Mastodon: I decided to give away my harmonium to give it a good home where someone does play it. I rarely play it.

So if you are in the neighborhood or ate willing to pay shipping by container 😁 -- come and get it. It's a beautiful best.

started the day with a short bike ride to the village, sitting in the shade on the cemetery and watering the rose on Madelief her grave. Had to get home to get some work done, or I'd be sitting there now.

This photo is from last saturday, and the rose has added more color still. The green leaves are almost invisible now.

Development of my app for Mastodon is going slow at the moment, as the system I'm writing the app in doesn't have yet what I need to make the app perform better.

To show one toot and to make words clickable in it, the current solution is just too slow. Hope this will change soon.

Sometimes I'm here every day, and some days I'm everywhere but here. Yet I always, always try and read the posts gone by by @katebowles and @lauraritchie .

Never skip Joni Mitchell songs.

@Vavassor any thoughts on why you don't use firbase for notifications? I'm working on a combined Android/iOS solution and fb seems to be my surest bet. Unless I'm missing something big.

@nolan People need to be respectful of your time.  The people who are respectful of my time I usually don't mind helping even with stuff outside of scope if they can do so with the understanding it's at my convincence.  The demanding ones, that aren't offering something in turn, just get blackholed.  It's not "nice", but its necessary.  Spending all your time on the "squeaky gears" isnt fair to all the other people who are quietly happy with your software - it makes the people who are the loudest with discontent the ones that set the tone, which also in turn tends to communicate to people that this is how they get their way, which breeds toxic communities in the end.

Starting an open beta on Google Play beginning now with version 1.1.4-beta.1.

Beta versions will also be available in .apk form at

Testing a new possible push notifications system is the particular goal at the moment. But I'll be keeping the beta program open from now on. So feel free to join/leave if ever you want to check out in-progress versions.

Hello new followers!

I'm Pat David! I'm a member of the @GIMP team and an occasional photographer.

I created to bring like-minded photography nerds together around the concept and use of Free Software. Hopefully something I make or do can help someone out with the hobby!

You can read my occasional ramblings at also.

More birbs for sale! They measure 6cm, compressed wood hand-painted on one side with vibrant metallic paints, dotted with pearly droplets and sealed with a glossy glaze. $10 USD each and $3 worldwide postage - yell if you want! I can also attach a short chain and keyring.

My work office is in the attic, and these days it gets hot. So I decided to put the blinds back in, after I removed them last winter for painting.

16 screws and three attempts to get it right. So now I am sweating like a dog that needs a haircut (I do too need an haircut, but that's another story).

Tomorrow I'll be cool.

that's not our table in the 2nd picture, by the way.

Went for Vietnamese in Utrecht next to the canal tonight.

@eylul nice to see you in the video about Ubuntu Studio, do you do all your creative work in it?

And how tidy is your desktop! Well done :-)