as most of you know, I'm writing Matodor, an app for Mastodon.

Version 1.0.7 is uploading for both Android and iOS. (I See it took me a month to rewrite the app and finally get rid of these memory issues. Wow.)

Anyway, hope you like it!

I've written this for the update message in the stores:

"complete rewrite! Matodor should be much more responsive now.

Not all buttons are working, especially on the page for a user and the post context.

Let me know! Greetings, Jeroen"

@jeroensmeets update done. public timeline. niet toegankelijk.

@ralph yep, gezien. Ook de oorzaak al gevonden. v1.0.8 gaat dat fixen, maar niet meer vanavond ;-)

@jeroensmeets I wonder if I could help with the UX of it somehow. It needs pretty buttons, better paddings and icons (what pack are you using?)

Also not sure if bug or not but your avatar and @jk's avatar show up as the Mastodon logo

@Gargron @jk yeah, that's correct. I've built a solution for animated avatars but it's really slow (as the only way to show them in Fuse is using a WebView).

@Gargron @jk about the UI -- it's on my list, but functionality first. Ialso have a great designer who's willing to help.

@jeroensmeets It looks nice but I won't be able to use it until it has the "Do not display in public timeline" switch that web has.

@HihiDanni thank you for the feedback -- I hope to add this in the next version.

@jeroensmeets When I flick to scroll it coasts for much longer than I would expect on Android. If I coast about one or two pages long I'd expect it to come to a stop after about a second and a half

@jeroensmeets Actually closer to about one second. Basically the amount of coasting is appropriate for iOS but not Android

@HihiDanni ah, so I improved the smoothness of scrolling too much ;-)

@jeroensmeets Hi! I'm on the iOS app & I had some suggestions/things I noticed. I can't seem to get the public timeline to load at all & I think gifs don't display. I was thinking it would be nice to have the privacy options for posts available on the app & maybe for the column you're in (timeline/notifications/etc) to refresh when you drag it down, kind of like with twitter/tumblr? And this is more of a nitpick but it seems weird to not change timestamps for posts over 59min to the # of hours?

@jeroensmeets I hope this didn't sound too harsh, because it's looking really great! Keep up the great work. ^___^

@fawn not too harsh, thanks for taking the time to give me feedback.

@jeroensmeets Oh! And integrating iOS' "swipe from left side of screen to go back" feature would also be really nice and make the app feel much more like it belongs on iOS!

@jeroensmeets I also discovered I can't scroll past a certain number of posts on my timeline or notifications, it just stops and won't show anymore below a certain post.

Sorry to throw this all at you in unorganized chunks. ^__^;;

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