For all to see, my Oath to God, to America, and to my fellow American citizens:
"I am an American patriot and I love God, my Creator, and His
son, Jesus Christ, my Savior.
I will never be ashamed of these facts. I will never hide these facts. I will never bow to any person, nation, religion or ideology that demands that I renounce these cherished parts of who I am. No amount of mockery, derision, or belittling of my core beliefs will dissuade me. I am embraced and unconditionally loved by God..

"I love my country, its founders, our great leaders from the
past, and the almighty God in heaven who inspired, guided
and protected them.

When I was a kid... this was taken going into mv senior vear at
Northwest High School, 1974. I was a 165# pound pulling right
guard, playing from an unbalanced line. That offensive line of
ours looked kind of screwy, but all-in-all we were something
to behold! And so was my hair... :)

There's a lot that goes into raising sons…. including basic tips
on fishing.
This was me with my son Tye, now 21, a few years back. He
will be a senior at OSU this year, a business major who may
be interested in medical school as well.
Love you son!

It's always "go outside" and "touch grass" with you people. Why don't you find out what it is you're even touching??

(I picked up a copy of Manual of Grasses for North America recently in hopes that I'll learn a little bit about actually identifying grasses.)


@jerryjs it's not easy to do, but finding people who have the same explicit goals helps a lot. name what you want to accomplish, and how you want to do that.


Introducing: fines for civil and criminal offenses!
Perpetuating poverty amongst the Poor and enabling crime amongst the Rich since time immemorial!

it's only "Oregano" if it comes from Oregon, otherwise it's sparkling italian flavor-herb


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