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Good things that happened lately: getting my tires changed, seeing friends, reading a lot of books (graphic novels count tbh)
Bad things: I think the local writing group is effectively cancelled which sucks

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Hey, comics fans. Comics artist Nicole Virella is trying to raise money for surgery. Please feel free to kick in if you're so inclined.

Good lord I forgot what a cluster fuck buying tires can be

I ah haven't been on mastodon much oops. Hopefully I can get into the swing of things again

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Hey Masto! Do you know someone looking for housing in the Santa Rosa/Sonoma County area? My partner and I urgently need a roommate, and we're looking for someone queer and quiet to join us! Rent is $800/mo plus utilies. Please boost if you're able!

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jes(i) j boosted that thing I mentioned about being in my paper? They posted an online version for the world to read! How cool :D

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👏 normalize telling your friends you love them!!! 👏

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So! I'm in a pretty tight spot! My computer got busted on my move out here and I'm going to need to replace it in the next two weeks. If you'd like to help out, you can donate at my Ko-Fi and also get a free wallpaper set as a big thank you!

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new dog? puppy.
old dog? puppy.
weird scaly dog? puppy.
el͖̳̟̭͍̝d̳̤r̖͍͓i͚̜̟̩t͚ch̬̭̮̭ họ̲̮̗̣̰r̺ro̰̥̫̹͓r̤?̹̺̖͇̺ͅ puppy.

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Okay, I’m building entries now for the site. Queer/POC/Marginalized creators of any kind, if you’d like to have an entry on please email me at

I’d like to build a website for people to find marginalized creators of any kind. Youtubers, comic artists, streamers, physical goods makers, cooks; if you make something I’d like to add you.

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LRT still looking for work as commissions!

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on another note:

Reduced some originals because again, in a bit of a spot and need to move some stuff!


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i already have a nb druid, wanna do a lady tiefling...would be fun...

fuck, in the middle of a campaign and...already drafting another character.

god i miss roleplaying

continues to belt tsumi to batsu several weeks after its eighteenth anniversary

it's one of my favorite ringo songs

god i love ringo