Why can't I write to Siri?

I'm almost never in a location where speaking out loud is a good idea (or audible), but I'm writing most of the day.

I love these digital first work guidelines from Slack , they really get that work can never be stuffed back in the box.

And it's rather telling what guideline 1 is...

I'm really, really, hoping Elon Musk takes twitter private. Maybe it will federate Mastodon?

Are people actually using mastodon? Or is it just some sort of hideaway for old techies?

Why do devs prefer dark interfaces? Is it just old school power fantasy? Or a sign of the times? Or differentiating from corporate?

I /still/ don't really understand how Mastodon works. The whole node-based-architecture needs a clear story.

First iOS app is a coding interface.. might’ve over shot. A bit.


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