screenshotting posts where people accidentally misgender trans people or use a term that was deemed problematic a few weeks ago so i can send them to all my communist echo chambers and get patted on the back for doing the right thing while i wonder why people are hesitant to become leftists


@lynnesbian love how the replies to this became an absolute word salad dumpster dive, honestly adds to the shitpost's tapestry
also yeah this is how i feel about the lesbian flag

@lynnesbian there was recently a movement to get the lesbian flag changed because, technically, the one we use is known as the "lipstick lesbian" flag, which is a niche identity
& it also turns out that the lady who made that flag was vaguely racist and kinda anti-butch, which is not great for a flag we all want to be under. however, this is just recent news, and pretty under the radar, so when i see people being yelled @ abt it, just. eyeroll

source & proposed new flag

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