if you think i have anything insightful or clever to say about anything policital or social, you're very mistaken. if you shake my head, all you'll hear is coconut milk sloshing around.

@jesrosewater Hey, at least some higher power entrusted you with the grooviness that is coconut milk.

@amylsacks it doesn't really feel groovy when i constantly have that feeling you get after swimming and you get some water in your ear but cool

@jesrosewater Oh, sincere apologies. I thought we were talking metaphoric head-noises here. :(

@amylsacks do i metaphorically have coconut water inside my skull, or am i a medical miracle? you'll never know unless you come over here with your stethoscope and look for yourself

@amylsacks i'm gonna have to have a shady back-alley brain drain where they put some black market brain in my skull. turns out it was the brain of a ferret. oh no

@jesrosewater I feel like we've just accidentally created a time-tossed, previously lost episode of *Freakazoid* or maybe *Earthworm Jim*. Well, I only did a little of the work so your name can have top billing in the credits.

@amylsacks i've been living inside a VHS tape for the past 14 years so that scans, yeah

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