i'm just posting this ahead of time so that everyone's aware why i'm changing my icon to this at the speed of editing

lol here's my natal chart AKA why the stars decided to make me suffer

...probably because it would cost 800 dollars. yeah. that would. be why.

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see, if you never move instances, you never have to work up your following again


i told you I got some meat and I fuckin did. Raaaaaamen

hey here's @foxfire 's flowchart! i have no idea where i thought her name was freya but too late!

there's also a LOT of overlap with genderqueer terminology, of course, but i kinda stopped once i figured out the word you were looking for! it's "tweener"! one of my sources straight up said "tweener is lesbian twink" and so yeah. this was really fun to do tho - i love etymology!
if you tell me this is easy to read i'll have to go back and make it even more convoluted and stupid

i'm sure someone's already made this joke but not to this ill-advised level of editing i just underwent, why did i make this

it's that kissing art i posted some wips of 

this is for a secret santa thing, but hey. my giftee doesn't have a masto account. so i can post it here
i'm rly glad my foray into kissing turned out so well!! i never did draw a kissing before and i think i got it figured out.
also ya they're gay keep scrollin


there are ALL traced but i still like em and it's an excuse to shove my gay in ur face
i'm trying to learn how to draw kissing, it's very hard, idk how to have 2 figures interact rly. anyone who draws kisses: u r like a god to me

"a consistent healthy sleep schedule is the first step towards bettering your mental health"

breaking news, apparently Todd Alison & the Petunia Violet is coming back
if you aren't aware, that comic gave us such gems as this

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