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big ups to @anna the fediverse's favorite high priestess for giving me more tributes to feed the Block Machine

hey guess what 

you thought this was gonna be a cute thing huh???? well fuck you

okay here it is, the breakup song about how i am too needy, which played for me before we actually broke up, you're all welcome

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“Food is a scam. We just buy it, shove it in our gullet and shit it out! It’s bullshit!!!”
-my mom

i had this toot drafted for hours and i dont remember what the joke is and so i just posted it to get it out of my drafts. please, dream-interpreter, tell me what this means.

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family sitcom about an amicably-parted gay husband/lesbian wife who live on opposite sides of a conjoined duplex with their kids and their new spouses

drink of the year as predicted by TIME magazine: sand

2019 new year resolution: to stop saying the word "actually" 3 times per sentence

i should do a year art summary but ill try to do it like... tomorrow. or the next day. within this month at least. i'm so exhausted.

abuse ment 

the type of Bad Opinion Guy i'm talking about, btw, is that he thinks
1. Endeavor from BNHA isn't abusive
2. Gon and Killua from HxH can NEVER BE GAY because it's just childhood friendship and you CAN'T read babygay subtext into it bcs that would somehow, depurify it

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not to be a fucking "otaku essayist" or anything but hey do you ever have a friend who has just shitty dumb opinions on anime and whenever you remember you just have to go like god.............

i'm not even a person i'm just a cycle of various hyperfixations

in 2019 we should all focus on making the people around us happier. as an easy way to start, you can go right now to watch Repo! the Genetic Opera, which would make me, a person who is around you, very very happy

you cant POSSIBLY understand the sheer excitement and serotonin overload i get when someone makes a Repo!-adjacent joke

im being a shitlord tw 

hit or dick
i guess they never dick huh
you got a boyfriend
i bet he doesn't piss ya

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