@bort I heard from a friend on Facebook that Twitter is thinking about going subscription based.

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@bort No one lol. I kind of hope they go thru with the plan they would destroy themselves lol overnight.

@bort People like me would celebrate the move and say you dumb fucks look at what you did and then I would laugh at everyone on Twitter as they scramble to find another home lol.


Meh, I try not to have joy in the misery of others. Free country, if they wanna be on a super censored, shitty platform, that's their choice.

@bort Then you would be like telling them had you listen to me all these yrs about finding a decentralized platform you wouldn't be in this mess lol.


Which isn't a great way to get people on your side. It's like voter shaming.

@bort That is true but it would be my happiness to see it go down.

@bort But I am glad you are here and I can still keep in touch


I prefer to be here most of the time. Except tonight. I wanna hit a mother fucker with a brick.

@bort How are you doing today are you still wanting to someone with a brick today.


Naw, less angry tonight. :) Just hot as hell and wanting to take a nap lol.

@bort Oh lol hot and tired that is like oil and water it does not mix at all.

@bort Going good just has been a little bit busy here lately.

@bort Yes it does and I am currently working nights at my job so I won't be in too much trouble

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