That is why I got suspended from Twitter for like the 22nd time on there.

You know what I thought instead of that little bird on their site called Twitter they should just put Welcome to Fascist site where we ban good voices and keep the Nazis on there so we hope you enjoy your stay on here.

Hey you all what luck did I have I got unsuspended on Twitter today from my account it was a stroke of pure luck today. It is because it is rarely happens on Twitter.

@BernieOrVest Hey by the way this was my account that was outright suspended on the 8th of October without a reason or email. They did not even give me a head ups it was coming at all.

Well you all Twitter has gotten me for the last time I am officially done with Twitter. I will see you all on the flip side of everything. The reason they suspended me was because as you all know my history with account suspensions well I forgot I did not put a number on my account well I went to my google voice number and I guess somehow it is one of the numbers that is banned on there so they suspended me which is my last account on there.

@bort Hey this what I got the 7 day ban over and it was in regards to the ICE terrorist raids.

Hey I just got a 7 day ban from Twitter because I called Tomi Lahren a blonde bimbo which she truly is people. So I will be on here once again more than ever.


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