I wonder this how about a 9/11 style 'commision' to investigate all them endless wars that YOU Nancy Pelosi and your Democrat/Republican CRIMINAL friends have LIED us into over and over and over again?

@bort that is good what kind of stuff are you programming. By the way going on 2 months without alcohol.

@flugennock @bort it is a toxic dump honestly. In all reality anyone still there is really enabling jack to keep in power.

@flugennock wtf that is so lame it is no wonder Twitter is going to literal shit. People need to start get out of that sinking ship.

I have learned one valuable lesson is that friends on social media come and go it is the fact of it but in the end the people who really matter to me are my close friends at work and my family

You know what I am thinking is that judge in the UK has already made the decision on the extradition of Julian Assange. I think she will approve of it and Julian Assange will be sent to the ADX Supermax in Florence, CO.

@bort By the way did you ever get your new computer mouse in.

@bort Oh yeah they would be up your ass barking all day long and panting

@bort Damn that is like an oven good thing you didn't lose power I can only imagine how bad it would be.

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