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Good morning everyone out there and hello world first cup of coffee down the pike.

Twitter is a social engineering company that does not let you have a mind of your own people. When will you realize this once and for all but most of everyone is so addicted on there sometimes I wonder what would happen if they shut down Twitter for weeks on end honestly.

What a beautiful day out here I am eating some breakfast and hanging out with Grandma for the day.

No soldier is going thousands miles away to protect me, my family or our freedom. I do that.
They serve and protect their corporate masters.

@KenK1989 I really wish people would think outside of the box honestly.

@BernieOrVest To be honest I don't feel bad for people who stay on Twitter now they love the shadow banning and torture on there. It is like this to them you can't fix stupid and yet they dumb asses will say Jack keep Nazis around when he is a Nazi himself. It is like this you morons or should I say sheep do you realize you all freaking idiots keep him in business but you all are too stupid and looking for the instant gratification to even give a fuck at all dumb humans.

Reason 3: Shit character limits dumbs down any discussion, let alone political ones.
Reason 4: Twitter is very censorship heavy and touchy with its rules, encouraging spiteful people to mass-flag one another.
All in all the way the Twitter is structured is inherently flawed and brings out the worst, most egotistical parts of humanity.

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Why is Twitter such a cesspool?
Reason 1: Everything is based around individual accounts with followers, so instead of focusing on conversations everyone is fixated on superficial fame and image.
Reason 2: This makes it very attractive for high profile social and political figures with cults of personality behind them, thus turning it into a shit-flinging factory. And since everyone is worried of how they look in front of their followers, no one ever wants to admit when they're wrong.

@bort Hey have they let you back on that cesspool of Twitter. I went back and few days later got banned again because they know my devices. So I finally said I am done with it now. I am actually enjoying VK.

I don't think I will bother with Twitter anymore it is not like that is only I got unlike most people over there I am on VK, Minds, Mewe, and FB.

I think people should leave Twitter en masse but sadly people are not smart enough to do that. So I really don't feel bad for them anymore because they will be like sheep that won't break away and try something different

@Trajikbpm That is why I am on multiple social media platforms like I am on VK, here, Minds, MeWe and GAB which I don't like at all because GAB tends to go one way.

That is why I got suspended from Twitter for like the 22nd time on there.

@bort When you ever go back after your 7 day ban can you let Steve and Misty know again.

@bort I think it is my computer that is pretty much toast because it is not the mouse.

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