Anyone else use laravel? Would be great to connect with some fellow PHP (dirty word I know) devs on here.

I don't know whats wrong but today I'm just filled with a combination of apathy and anxiety.

This documentary about the creation of netscape navigator is my fav doco. That may or may not be because I have the biggest crush on 90s Jamie Zawinski.

With the user base constantly growing, how much longer will I be able to toot and have people see it in the public feed? Would be awesome if we could subscribe to hashtags.

Jesus christ, just don't punch anyone. Violence begets violence. Rise above it, use your brain instead of your fists.

Ugh I have so much energy to think of the thousands of things I want to do, and none of the energy to implement said thoughts into actions.

A Spectre is haunting multinational capitalism--the spectre of free information.

So this dude didn't think that waterboarding was that bad. His opinion changed pretty dam quick. Maybe we should encourage Donald Trump to give it a try.

Anyone want to show me their open source projects? Would be cool to compile a repo of mastodon user's projects.

This scene used to always make me so depressed, but I feel like the water is rising once again. Let's ride the crest of a high and beautiful wave once again!

Just decided to catch up on the latest world news. Wow, we are fucked.

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Should I just completely disregard copyright and start hacking together useful information that will benefit humanity?

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I forgot two of my favorite hair care products! I use them every day, they make my hair grow so much faster, thicker, smoother, softer, and shinier.

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IT'S 2017

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