crazy US politics stuff 

looked at the qanon tag in the fediverse and...

Kinda funny how the quarantine got Trent Reznor looking like the grizzled version of himself circa Pretty Hate Machine era in this cover of “Fashion”

CW: Minneapolis riots. 

The 3rd precinct - former home to the four unarrested former Minneapolis officers - lit on fire last night. This is justified pain.

#CriticalRole spoilers 

So friggin' hyped for Deborah Ann Woll guest playing on tonight's game. Also, hyped for the new show she'll be on soon

Trying to find people to fill up a tabletop group always feels something like this

Seriously doubt I have the energy to make it through tonight but damn if I won't try

Wondering how many ex-pats we getting over here after their adult content ban kicks in

When your Halloween decorations are so legit you look out the windows and freak yourself the fuck out

Shoutout to every parent I know marveling at their kid's first painting thinking they look like a Rothko piece

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