everyone should have EBT. that should be an individual's economic starting point.

for a measure of how quarantine has gone: the shoe store at the mall has been replaced with an adult stuffed animal store

to understand what it means for America to bring "freedom" to other countries, you have to recognize the parenthetical: "freedom (for America to do whatever it wants)"

"intersectionality" is a framework for class consciousness that particularizes the experience of class exploitation for those who fall outside the cultural hegemony.

but if you can't reduce your allies to the class interests they share with you, then you're open to working with those who have class interests that stand opposite you.

that's collaborationism, and it accepts that inequality will continue to exist—that class society will continue to exist. and that's not communist.

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the opposite of "class reductionism" isn't "intersectionality," it's "class collaborationism"

the only "conclusions" it seems are the correct ones. anything else is a misunderstanding. an incorrect "conclusion" legitimizes the routes and influences that drove a person to it, which a moralistic left cannot countenance.

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how can you even get to why people who are wrong are wrong about what they're wrong about? how can you even identify what has influenced them to be wrong? especially when it's stuff you and others have experienced and come away with different learnings from??

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anarchist twitter:

when I hate the government and want to do something about it, it's because of what I've experienced in life and learned.

when other people hate the government and want to do something about it, it's because they are sickos whose very same life experience has no bearing on how they feel.

should have just pasted it here! now I don't ever what it even was!!!

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a full 1/3 of modern leftism is white people being triggered over being reminded they are white, and attempting to find a way to keep that from ever happening again

this takes place on both the "racist class reductionist" and the "idpol radlib anarkiddy" sides but honestly maybe more on the latter despite what you'll hear

tfw you copy a link bc it's an important article/idea but you never paste it bc you never figured out who to send it to


the idea that socialists should "vote blue" (rather than "vote Democrat") is especially funny because blue is famously the color of conservative liberalism in the rest of the world—and in the US, if we're being honest

the virgin zoe saldana vs the chad harry shearer

the acting director of DHS complained that a violent mob of anarchists are "desecrating" private property and I'm curious who consecrated it in the first place

"We've been having some problematic chants at protests lately, such as 'NYPD SUCK MY DICK,' and it troubles me that our movement seems to be reproducing the patriarchal structures we're trying to destroy. Not a good look, fam."

however, I still want a place to write down my thoughts so I'll see what Mastodon has to offer again.

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