Le procès UBS montre que la lutte contre l’évasion fiscale s’intensifie en France - https://social.bitcast.info/url/836387

We will be releasing the first stable version on October 17th (6 months after the first announcement).

This will include circles, collections, federation, video uploads and more!

We can't wait. Thank you for your support! :pixelfed:

“France makes me feel free as an artist as a black man.”
— Quincy Jones, who studied with Nadia Boulanger in Paris, 1957.

Si ce pouète a plus de 1 000 repouètes, je fais ma conf' à @ParisWeb avec un T-shirt de la boutique de l''Élysée.

Dear Mastodon client app makers:

I’d love a Mastodon client that can show combined timelines (aka unified inbox). Even more if the client could also show timelines from Twitter (could even be read only?). Perhaps RSS support.

I miss the times of apps like Adium that would allow you to chat with people regardless of IM network.

There is a xenophobia leaders trend in Europe. This doesn’t smell good and against core European values. I hope that Emmanuel Macron together with progressivists leaders can change that.

Pour l’Organisation mondiale du tourisme, le tourisme offrirait d’abord l’une des très rares occasions de vente des producteurs du Sud aux consommateurs du Nord. monde-diplomatique.fr/2012/07/

La question de l’usage des capitales revient souvent, en particulier pour les fonctions: directeur, député…
À chaque fois, graphistes-typographes doivent prouver qu’il n’y a pas de capitales à ces mots!
Merci @lemonde pour ce billet correcteurs.blog.lemonde.fr/20

Aiglon will features two g. By default it will be the one on the left. Are you ok with that? Not sure how many styles planed on the family, how many widths… but enough from condensed to extended, from thin to extra bold.
— — —
#typofonderieletterscollection #aiglon

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