hi all i have moved over to friend.camp, pls follow me there instead! excited to have a nice local timeline instead of whatever this default mastodon.social one is. jane@friend.camp

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me at 10 years old: i want superpowers! like flying, and telekinesis!
me at 30 years old: i want superpowers! like not being afraid of getting yelled at, and making phone calls!

i was planning on getting my license sometime this year, but dog problems have sort of pushed that to the back burner. if not for time than for cost (driving school in nyc, even the boroughs, is $)

i generally don’t need much sleep && can sleep pretty much under any circumstances, so it’s been easy for me to be the one in odd places with her. i see it as the least i can do, seeing as andy is with her all day when i’m at work, and is the one who has to drive us to the behaviorist

it took me and her sleeping in the living room, but the dog did not bark all night, and me and andy got a full night of sleep 🙌

(locked as in my other leg is helping pull my ankle down, and therefore helping keep the hoop securely in my knee)

i got my dang single knee hang today! granted it’s locked, but still. i think an unlocked single knee hang is one of the prettiest lyra moves in the world so i’m hoping to advance to that soon

i know she’s capable of being happy. i just want her to feel like this more of the time

“jane is this serious or a hyperbolic joke” my friend this becomes less and less of a joke with each passing moment. srsly any sympathetic witches in my mentions, hmu

the behaviorist visit is just over 24h away and i think we both feel like we’re hanging on by our fingernails

we got to sleep last night, thank god (albeit with me and daisy in the living room), but i’m still about four minutes away from covering her crate with crystals and hiring a witch to unhex her

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Since this is a new space for me and this is the piece that I feel like explains me best at this moment, here's my blog post about how I think about ideas: lastwordonnothing.com/2018/04/

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Do you talk to your pets? Do you have different voices for them? Wanna be featured in next week's episode of Flash Forward? Record a "conversation" with your animal and send it to info@flashforwardpod.com by noon on Monday. ♡ love you all can't wait to hear your weird animal convos!

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I am generally kind of tired of endless pieces about "self care" but this bit by Choire is a very good analogy for me: nytimes.com/interactive/2018/0

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@jfriedhoff Try going into settings and set your post privacy default to "unlisted". That way your posts won't appear on the public timelines and, thus, won't attract randos. You can still adjust the settings for any post manually when you make a new post.

i specifically joined mastodon thinking it would be a nice social network where randos wouldn't barge into my mentions with unsoliciated advice for strawman arguments but apparently there's only about a 48h buffer there so what's the point

oh my god mastodon became twitter in like literally two days Show more

oh my god mastodon became twitter in like literally two days Show more

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