Woot, finally got a raspberry pi 4, now up and running!

Awww yeah, new NAS. Waiting on drives though. Good ol Amazon “guaranteed” delivery :/

Looking for macOS/iOS engineer and windows engineer if anybody wants to work with me :) blog.astropad.com/jobs/

Finished season 3 of Lucifer... wtf was that last episode.

If you are a Linux kernel expert (buildroot, drivers, networking) and want to work on some cool edge devices in Boston, DM me. I am looking to fortify my team there.

Still considering rebuilding my NAS, either qnap/synology or sticking with custom and freenas. Also wonder if AMD CPU would be a solid choice this time if custom.

Finally played through To the Moon, good game. Emotional 😥

Yay proving my mastodon profile on Keybase :P

Back from VT, neighbors probably wondering how my car got so dirty.

Upgraded my PC’s case & fans, colorful! Hoping for better cooling with this, but so far not sure it’s much different :/ not sure why, more space and fans, would think it should be.

Anybody happen to use any windows software to graph and log hardware sensor data? Want to save a reference report if temperatures during gaming to compare for when I upgrade the cooling. Not sure any of the apps I’ve seen do log files.

Finally got to watch Bohemian Rhapsody, good shit!

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