I don't want to go back to , I don't want to use anymore because I can't self-host the app (not anymore). So, what I do ?

I use AAT from .
I don't know how it compares to proprietary apps cause I've never used them, but to get my cycling route, an altitude map and some stats about my ride — it does the job.

@eladhen @jgachelin This app allow to import FIT files from Garmin devices ? I don't have my phone while run, only my GPS watch

@eladhen @jgachelin It's like GPX, KML and others formats with GPS data 😉

AAT's output is gpx. I'm not sure it can import it though.

@jgachelin @eladhen
GPSBabel version 1.4.4 and later can convert from FIT to GPX. And then you can do everything from #OpenStreetMap - I do record straight from #OsmAnd. To me I am just missing a bit of the "social" part of #Strava which does help sometimes to get motivated...

@jgachelin I stopped using runkeepers personally.
I used a premade playlist of songs as time keeper, and a set running circuit, meaning I knew "Oh its that song, and I got this far! Cool!"

Then I use the tempo of the songs to keep my running cadence in check (old dude, risk of knee injuries = high cadence and tiny steps)

Not an answer I know but just a suggestion - try it out with a set circuit you've run before. To me it felt better tbh than a runkeeper.

@ohyran @jgachelin Good way ! :-) But I don't listen music while run ^^

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