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They said aadhar card proves your citizenship.

Now they bring NRC to say you're not a citizen.

You can rape and roam free in New India if you're a swamiji.
Jai shree Ram.

on missing rape accused Swami Nityananda’s presence in Trinidad and Tobago:
No formal communication by Gujarat police or from the Home ministry yet.

I'm thinking India will become Syria in next 20 years for sure.

Pragya Thakur Nominated to Parliamentary Panel on Defence

To all the men that are still chasing their dreams, carrying the whole family on their shoulders, hiding all pain and smiling, sacrificing everything possible for their wives and kids, here's to you. TOAST! 🥂

I'd have my tax money spent on quality education rather than political ads and building useless statues.

Dogs > Women. 👏🏼 Well done people 🤦🏻‍♂️

This Stray Dog Has Been Accompanying Sabarimala Pilgrims For 480 Km & Now They're Taking It All The Way To The Temple

Indians have a lot to learn from their neighbors. Smh.

Pak Air Traffic Controller Saves Indian Flight Carrying 150 Passengers After It Plunged Due To Lightening

Remember, the part of your towel that wipes your ass today may wipe your face tomorrow.

Yeah bitch go on. You might find statues under Taj Mahal next.

You can find Ganesh statues in your PM's house also. He bloody destroyed your temple to build a goddamn house.

15 bloody MPs including Mr Gautam Ganbhir was absent in the parliament standing committee discussing about the pollution.

It's totally clear they don't care about us.
I really wish the northies wake up and vote for the right party next time.

So now you can get money out of pollution. Pay to breathe is all you need right now. Slow claps 👏🏼

Delhi: An oxygen bar in Saket, 'Oxy Pure' is offering pure oxygen to its customers in seven different aromas (lemongrass, orange, cinnamon, spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, & lavender), at a time when Air Quality Index (AQI) in the city is in 'severe' category.

Quality of conversation in bird app

Me: Israel is killing children, fuck Israel

Sanghi: how will you fuck everyone in Israel

Me: *gives up*

I have never understood the phrase "expect the unexpected"

I mean, if you expect the unexpected, won’t the unexpected BE the expected?

I disagree
If Mastodon wants to grow and actually challenge the monopoly of the bird site it needs to be welcomed and accepted by mainstream populace and not just the outlier first users that it currently has. For that more official accounts and media outlets need to get here. The biggest difference is these "official accounts" will not be able to cause accounts to shut down or silenced here as @Gargron won't allow it as he has said many times.

So let them come. Let's make Mastodon grow

At a time when India was a Third World Country, he had the audacity to set up world class educational institutions, large manufacturing facilites and centres for scientific research. The foundation of modern India was laid because of the vision of one man- Nehru

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