To The Persons Who Tagged This Across My Neighborhood Sidewalks circa Oct 2016: This sentiment remains neither accurate nor warranted.


As someone who happily belongs to both groups here, I'd suggest that you're somewhat ignorant of the work "techies" have done in providing additional ways for all kinds of people and groups to find each other, collaborate, organize, and progress. The idea that queers hate techies is ludicrous on its face.

Maybe what you meant to say was, "*I* hate Techies", which I'd understand and in a lot of ways agree with (or perhaps "Queers hate Gentrification" which I get and see that it doesn't really scan well in the spray template you're using).

And if none of those are your message, you're still a shitheel for spraying this all over the city: don't use the sidewalks as your personal pulpit, that's a coward's billboard.

In short, knock this shit off, go sit in the corner, and think about the message you're ACTUALLY sending with this dreck.

@jgilbert i always felt like whoever sprayed that shit just wanted to turn two groups they disliked against each other

@datn @kragen true, that was my initial reaction when i first saw them, and remains the only really plausible explanation. It remains a terrible thing to do, enough so that I migrated the pic and notes over from ye olde Facebook: my sentiment holds true, even though most of the sprays are worn or sprayed over by now.

@jgilbert @datn probably somebody now thinks "I guess queers and techies hate me because I'm a graffiti artist. Fuck those guys"

@kragen @jgilbert your proposition sells actual queers and even techies very short

@datn @jgilbert Actual queers and techies are not involved in my proposition at all, except in that Gilbert self-identifies as both, which influences the possible interpretations of other people. It is impossible that what I am saying sells queers and techies short because it doesn't say ANYTHING ABOUT THEM AT ALL.

@kragen @jgilbert strong reaction, internet stranger. go with god.

@datn @jgilbert In short, I think your response is predicated on a complete misunderstanding of what I said, and one that, rereading my tweet, I am completely unable to imagine. What did you think I was saying?

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