Is there a tricked-out version of Ghost that lets you have a blog with all the indieweb stuff without having to do days of setup? I would pay good money for that.

@anildash not sure about Ghost, but if you're willing to Wordpress, there's an IndieWeb plugin that was super helpful for me.

@mxuribe @pixelpaperyarn @anildash Known is still under active development in the IndieWeb Community. In fact I just put in a 1.4 million dollar federal grant to bring to k12 using Known (fingers crossed)

@anildash the next round of SBIR IES (Institute of Educational Science) probably in October-December.... Maybe a Glitch/IndieWeb app for FogCreek???

Reaaly the Team should look at SBIR to support recent education efforts at Glitch

@jgmac1106 @anildash @pixelpaperyarn There you go; users have an option to use Known, cool! And, the part about use in k12 sounds cool indeed too! Cheers!

@mxuribe @anildash @pixelpaperyarn Yeah I am sticking with WordPress for my audience finds web but beyond the SSGs, Ruby, there is also great Drupal solutions. is the most turnkey commercial solution currently available.

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