So cool Mastodon enabled rel=me links in the metadata so I can verify my account. No longer do I have to wonder am I famous enough? What about the time my account was spoofed? Why does she get a blue check and not him? I am in control.

@darius I am making a tutorial now but you could probably follow this:

Basically go to settings>edit profile copy the link to your mastodon account

Paste on website url, add website to metadata.

Done you are verified.

@jgmac1106 Thanks! Let me know when that tutorial is done, I will happily boost it

@darius I of course put mine in my h-card. I would recommend doing the same, you could of course just ad a link in the header or footer as well.

@jgmac1106 still learning all this indieweb lingo but I'll give it a shot

@darius think about an h-card like a business card.

That's it.

Can be as simple as
<p class="h-card">Greg McVerry</p>


<a class="h-card" href="">Greg McVerry</a>

You decide how little or much to put inside your business card.

Why I like microformats everything lives in the html and with a little training anyone can read and write, especially with a bit or prior knowledge.

@jgmac1106 I guess my issue right now is encapsulated in the docs, where "How" is extremely well documented and "Why" appears to be a broken link or maybe a link to incomplete or malformed content

@darius Yes this is where the line between the and th microformats wiki get messy. For h-card best to use:

Is this only in newer than 2.5.0? Because I already had a rel=me link on my website, and adding my website to my metadata rather than just my profile doesn't seem to garner a checkmark.

@gcupc I can't click on the link to your website. Did you enter it wrong?

@jgmac1106 Ah, I tried a couple of different formats because the full URL didn't garner me a checkmark. It's back now.

@gcupc You are missing the closing </a> tag on the link to Mastodon on your website

@gcupc also bitbucket FYI, fix that and you should be all set.

@gcupc @jgmac1106 it’s not in any published release yet, .social is beta-ing the feature.

Will probably be in 2.5.1, assuming no catastrophic bugs come up (or you can ask your admin to port it in manually if you want it sooner)

@jgmac1106 sounds cool. Is that in v2.5.0 already? I don't find it in the release notes. Any link to more details?

@Jens They are beta testing in 2.5.1 now, if it works will head everywhere. I wrote some documentation yesterday

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