Every time I am invited to go and talk about something somewhere, I immediately start down rabbit holes about the most basic terms. You want me to talk about libraries? What the hell do we mean by “library?” About agency? Learning? A chair? A toaster? What even are these things? Does anything have a meaning??!? Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Talk? What is a “talk?”

@actualham talk = paycheck. Just don't forget that and you will be fine.

@jgmac1106 you can’t imagine how much I hate that part. I mean, I need to get paid but asking for it, tracking it, collecting it, omg the worst.

@actualham yeah... it is a hard part..somebody just needs to start an agency for all us academics so we don't have to deal. "Call my agent"

@actualham Or you follow my crazy path and just organize all these conferences and talks for free....still waiting for the call for someone to pay me...please

@jgmac1106 I only go to community colleges for close to free ($25 if need be). If it’s an invited talk, I try to mark the academic labor by requiring compensation. I worked a long time for free but I know it makes it worse for everyone to do it really. I think fac dev events would pay for Indie Web presentations. But yeah it’s hard when you are committed to a movement and have to get it rolling and grow support. I feel ya.

@actualham Yes I have colleagues who tell me day rate is too low and that hurts everyone overall. I usually just do 1,000 for a talk and 1,500 for a day.

Everyone sayd I need to charge atleast 2500 but I don't have any $2.50 gigs right now.

The argument people make is expensive honorariums add a sense of worth

The IndieEWeb stuff for me is I committed that 20% of my job should be open source development.

Scholarly activity focused on people not p-values

@jgmac1106 the honorariums actually erode my sense of worth, to be honest. I feel worthy when I act out of excitement for the mission. But I realize that is a privilege I enjoy because of my relative financial stability. As a salaried public professor, I feel like the sliding scale is fair because some of my outreach can be covered by my own sense of my responsibilities for my main gig (kind of like your 20% commitment).

@jgmac1106 But I know so many independent scholars and contingent faculty who are shut out of speaking engagements because they can’t get travel covered or afford the time to go. Not a good way to build an inclusive movement.

@actualham Agree, and why do conferences, like the literacy research association, need to be held in Palm Springs. Last year's presidential party was on a rented private yacht. Glad the theme was equity and access.


@actualham I think part of the movement must involve moving our professional organizations to a recruitment model rather than a members benefit model.

Hard to push open access when all our top research organizations need the journal revenue to survive.

Instead move everything to the open and get people to join for the mission rather than material

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