Goodbye old friend I have no words to equal the love you brought our family

Screenshot of @sadike25 @masssly and @jgmac1106 at Homebrew Website Club Accra, @zuzage joined in late. @goifoundation

Massive thirty foot tree came down. Took others with it. Luckily no house damage. Smashed the kids baseball equipment. Days of work. Not good.

@internetarchive not sure if a known bug or you only want people using iframe but you have to switch the + in the url to the %20 in the source to use the video HTML tag

Another webmention badge shipped. Look at the record I get from Telegraph. Time to own Badges from your own Domain....Forget all the third party nonsense

I hate @scsu password poilicy it is 5:30am. I am not driving an 1.5 hours to get a phone call to change my password. What a stupid policy

Such a Wondeful Turn Out for @GOIFoundation Launch an @Wikipedia Edit-A-thon to Celebrate International Women's Day

In Celebration of International Women's Day We held 2019 for @GOIFoundation Launch an @Wikipedia Edit-A-thon

Added a UTC clock to the desktop to get ready for @indieWebCamp Online

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