I try not to think about it too hard, because every time I do, I'm blown away that Raspberry Pi is a thing. A very, very, very long time ago, a friend installed a PC tower in his Oldsmobile Cutlass so he could play MP3s.


Our brains would have exploded if you told us what could be done with a $5 computer.

Baby started stirring at 4:30am. Go to hell time change.

On the positive side, I had a full night of sleep, ate some chicken wings and garlic knots, and there's a glass of Pliny to my left. Not all of my choices are poor.

How do I always wind up working on a build system of some shape or kind?! Is there a 12 step program for people like me? I'm ready to admit that I have a problem with Jenkins.

Roomba death 

That thing with the Roomba and the dogs happened again. The Roomba isn't salvageable. Is there some kind of Roomba insurance I can get to save on replacement cost next time? Why hasn't iRobot been able to prevent this over the last 16 years?

I'm intrigued by your position on the cow in the triangle. May I take some of your literature?

The preservation of food is humanity’s greatest invention. Louis Pasteur’s contribution was monumental here, yet we treat it as an ordinary accomplishment.

Sick baby finally slept. Threat level has been reduced to orange.

It was kind of a worthless day given how sick I am, but I did write with an 80 year old pen and it was awesome. 🖊

Follow up: I was able to quickly repair my car, but left it in the parking garage anyway.

I never really bought the bit about how a screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a post. I get that simple machines are the simplest possible machines, and that other machines can be described in those terms, but damn. Screws are amazing.

Feeling like I should just take the plates off my car and leave it where it is. Is it technically dumping if it’s at your employer’s parking garage?

I just realized that I'm in a building oriented around an atrium! I can take victory laps again!

Some days, you just want to tell the Roomba how proud you are of it. Good job, Little Roomba!

Which is the worst connector: SCSI or USB A/B/Mini/Micro/C. One the one hand, a bent pin was a disaster. On the other hand, I've never gotten the orientation of a non-C USB connector right. USB-C has its own problems.

Bluetooth is the technology that I have the most mixed feelings about.

A short story about fall detection in the new Apple Watch: Over a year ago, my mother -in-law suffered a fall and lost part of her memory. We don’t know how she fell or what she did over the 3 days that she was alone, just that her back was covered in bruises and she had a fractured skull. She’s recovered, but lost much of her sense of smell and taste. It could have been much, much worse. Fall detection could have ensured that she got immediate help. This feature will save lives.

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This new health stuff in the watch is 🔥🔥🔥🔥!

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