A short story about fall detection in the new Apple Watch: Over a year ago, my mother -in-law suffered a fall and lost part of her memory. We don’t know how she fell or what she did over the 3 days that she was alone, just that her back was covered in bruises and she had a fractured skull. She’s recovered, but lost much of her sense of smell and taste. It could have been much, much worse. Fall detection could have ensured that she got immediate help. This feature will save lives.

@jimdusseau Some time ago my grandmother was gardening and her hip shattered - no-one was around to hear her so she crawled inside to call an ambulance. She now owns an Apple Watch (and is capable of using it, and remembers what the SOS feature is as well as how to use it). But I have a feeling she will get a series 4 for Christmas from us!

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