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If you're a Comcast customer, be sure to check to see if Comcast is filing anti-net neutrality comments using your name and address. /cc @cargron @munin

If software updates came with estimated install times, I'd be able to plan my life much better.

Me: "Have you heard about that ransomware that's going around? You really need to make sure your systems are patched."

Friend: "Can you come over and do that for us tomorrow morning? I'd really appreciate it."

Happy to help, but not I'm going to be careful about who else I warn lest I get too many volunteer opportunities.

"We call it client/server because slave/master didn't sound so good." - attributed to Craig Burton

Thanks, everybody. I didn't get that 'boost' is re-toot.

I see lots of toots 'boosted', while mine seem to be 'favourited' by others. Is there a difference, or is this just inconsistent terminology?

Oops -- just got the "something went wrong" Fail Mastodon. But is it appropriate for it to be held up by birds? Pterodactyls, perhaps?

Is the Mastodon equivalent of a subtweet a subtoot?

@acw Either your avatar pic is old or you're too young to have been an APL programmer. I'm old enough, but had the sense to stay away.

Animated GIFs in avatars, ads, etc. can be really distracting. Browsers should let you turn off the animation.

It's always suspicious when I do an iOS upgrade and the phone spends a lot of time updating my iCloud settings, since I don't use iCloud much at all. And who turned on Game Center??

Catching up after 7 hour power outage caused by windstorm. A lot happens in 7 hours!

Wonder if there is a way to share blocked user lists on Mastodon. Afraid we're going to need it when this service grows since there is no central authority to kick them off.

I wonder how long before we can prove our Mastodon identity on Keybase. Currently seems like there is a lot of potential for masquerading as well-known people who haven't joined Mastodon quite yet.

Finally figuring out how to follow people on Mastodon. Surprising how long that took me.

@danyork I'm always up to try distributed services, thanks for pointer on Twitter. Are there other instances around?


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