Feel free to cheer on Georges, he's been really hammering at it over the holidays.

@jimmac I'm happy to see the drag and drop across workspaces concept!

I'm also wondering what things will be like with multi-monitor. I'm sure it will be at least as fine as it currently is. (Will virtual desktops extending to the side be odd when there's an actual screen to the same side?)

Overall, I like the new design quite a bit, and I think it'll let me drop dash-to-dock and the icon overlay one (provided I understood the blog post correctly about "app icons in the window overview").

@jimmac Note: I've toyed around with dash-to-panel and just using the dash as is, but I usually end up with dash-to-dock at the bottom of my main monitor (hidden, of course, until I move the mouse down to the bottom of the screen with a bit of "pressure").

On that thought: Having the activities view be able to respond to mouse "pressure" at the bottom of the screen to show the dash would be awesome.

@jimmac as arbitrary as the vertical desktops were in the initial gnome 3 release (compared to typically horizontal arrangement in gnome 2) it's going to be annoying to have to re-learn the keyboard shortcuts for desktop switching again :)

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